Licensed Platforms

You can invest on our licensed trading platforms 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Free Signals

Guide your investments with signals with 85% success rate prepared by our analysts.

High Bonuses

It is much easier to win in Forex with the different and high bonuses of Exen Markets.

Leverage Transactions

Take advantage of high leverage opportunities. Increase your earnings.

Who is Exen Markets?

Exen Markets, with its approach that cares about the needs of forex investors, is proud to stand by its investors with its expert and experienced staff, by preserving its principles and values that have been going on since 2019 in leveraged foreign exchange buying and selling transactions, and adopts to be a party to its customers.


With Spot Metals, Indices, Spot Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, US Stocks, EU Stocks and Asian Stocks, it is possible to earn profits with Exen Markets!


With Exen Markets, you can safely invest in crypto money markets.

  • Crypto
  • Forex Markets

    The world’s largest market offering leveraged trading opportunities to its investors.

  • Forex Markets
  • Commodities

    Commodity is the name given to all goods and products involved in trade.

  • Commodities
  • indices

    Stock market indices are a basket of stocks of countries.

  • indices
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      Now is the time to take control.

      Meta Trader 5

      It is the most widely used forex trading platform in the world with its user-friendly interface and short cut options. The platform is very secure in terms of privacy of personal information. No one, including Exen Market employees, can access your private information.
      • A wide range of indicator and charting tools
      • One password on all platforms
      • View limit and collateral information
      • One-click order submission
      • Reliable infrastructure
      • Multi-language support


      What do our investors say about us?

      I learned how to win in a market that I've been losing for years. I can only look at the platform at night, but it is enough and the scissors do not open excessively.



      I am of the opinion that if they add more altcoins, there will be much larger transactions. But in this way, decent profit payout and so on gives me confidence.



      The only company I have worked for for 1 year. I have 25 thousand usd balance with my withdrawals. I am really satisfied with the company.



      Me and my 12 friends have been trading as a group for 8 months. We didn't have any problems. Recommended.



      News & Analysis

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      12.04.2022 – Daily Newsletter

      Küresel piyasalarda Fed ve enflasyon endişeleri yüksek ve bugün ABD’de açıklanacak enflasyon verisi öncesinde 10 yıllık ABD tahvil faizi %2.8’i geçti. Enflasyonda yükseliş beklentisi devam ediyor.

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      31.03.2022 – Daily Newsletter

      Çin’de hizmet ve imalat PMI verisinin endekste eşik değer olarak izlediğimiz 50’nin altına gerilemesi piyasalarda rahatsızlık yaratırken, dün ABD kapanışları da zayıftı. Faizler sakin seyrediyor fakat Çin endişesi bugün piyasalarda baskı yaratabilir.

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      30.03.2022 – Daily Newsletter

      Rusya – Ukrayna krizinde dün atılan adımlar ve görüşmelerin ilerlemesi piyasalarda iyimserlik yaratsa da bölgede çatışma haberleri gelmeye devam ediyor.

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